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Welcome to the Encyclopaedia on Family and The Law.

This encyclopaedia was created to chart the conversation family law has with families.

Most importantly, it has been developed with a view to ensuring people who have an interest in, or claim a stake in family law processes, have somewhere they can go to get the information they need.

Inside it, it’s my hope that you will find interesting articles, informative content on every area of UK family law and thought-provoking opinion pieces, which will add a life-like quality to the encyclopaedia.

This project is not-for-profit, funded entirely by volunteers and is free of charge to use. The editors of the encyclopaedia are highly accomplished in their chosen fields of family law with several being leaders in their fields.

A very big thank you to the Editorial Board, who have made this encyclopaedia possible and to the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy for their help and support on submissions.

If you would like to submit an article for consideration, we would be delighted to hear from you. Please take a look at our guidelines before sending submissions. Thank you.

Natasha Phillips, Editor-In-Chief

This project is dedicated to my son.

Readers: Please be aware that material on the site is up to date at the time of publication but may not be current law or policy in the future.

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